The Ultimate Fantasy Cricket Game

In our game, you don't build a team of 11 players - as in real life, where teams need to withstand the ups and downs of their season, you need to build a squad of players, all while remaining within the salary cap. Do you have a big squad of bargain players, or a small one with superstars?

Vitality Blast Fantasy Cricket Team

Can you build a squad that can weather injuries, international duty and gameweek byes? Do you pick based on reputation, or take a punt on the unknown wonderkid? Do you choose the maverick bowler, or the eccentric batsman? Or will the right all-rounder carry your side through the season? These are the decisions that could make or break your campaign.

Player Profile

Wicketkeepers are also batsmen, allowing you greater flexibility in choosing your batting lineup.

Player values change for better and for worse over the season based on performance and selection.

Statistical detail and player information adds unprecedented depth.

Our gameweek live dashboard gives you access to the unfolding events over the course of the round.

Vitality Blast fantasy player list
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